Friday, November 19, 2010

Here's a little view of some of the things I've been up to the past couple of days.
Pictures of all the outside flowers will come later but I did
get this little rosemary plant and then found this cute pot at Wally's.
Rosemary grows so well outdoors but I wanted to try an indoor pot of herbs. I also seeded a couple of pots with basil seeds and hope when sprouted to bring one inside also.

Without exception I always set the holiday table with the best dishes I have. I do not have china and crystal but it still ends up looking really pretty with a little effort. Most years "the girls" beg for paper plates in order to avoid the big clean up and I refuse.
Well, look what I bought. PAPER. Nice looking paper. And I will probably use it but I could always change my mind. I stuck it in the old enameled, speckled roaster that I always put the turkey in.

Dear Kathy put on a really fun girls luncheon. We were all friends in an old ward and so many of us have moved or been assigned other wards (due to boundary changes) to attend.
Here we are from left to right:
Margaret B., Wendy T., Robin B., Sue G., Heather S., Lori V., Kathy S. and Myrna Z.
Do notice the cute fall banner Kathy sewed for the occasion.

Here's Heather's photo with her missing and me in it. Such fun friends. Kathy prepared a delicious luncheon salad brimming with feta cheese, mandarin oranges, fresh sliced strawberries and slivered almonds. Killer chicken sandwiches on bread "to die for" and pumpkin chocolate chip cake with chocolate ice cream on which she sprinkled my/our new favorite Saigon cinnamon. I would never have thought of sprinkling that on ice cream and it was soooo good. Do try it. I'm that sure you will like it.

We each made a treat to exchange and I got up extra early to make cinnamon rolls. In the drawing Heather got my rolls and I was so lucky to get Robin's brownies. Now, that was some brownie recipe and she will be sharing it with me soon...and of course I'll let you know when it's on KITK.

When I got home from the luncheon I cleaned the oven since some of that buttery cinnamon filling spilled over and how can something so yummy stink so badly....burning. Cleaned many of the windows so I'm on my way to being ready for
Thanksgiving, the family and friends gathering and a lot of FUN.
Happy day, msk


the conleys said...

love those women!!! how fun that you all got together... love and miss you.

good call with the paper

Anonymous said...

Mom says: thanks for the comment linny. Paper...and you're not coming home for Thanksgiving! Oh how you will be missed.


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