Wednesday, October 6, 2010

P.S. I hope the dentist will remove my mini trampoline today.

But first . . .

The BIG, GIGANTIC story in my valley is

THE STORM yesterday.

Kids, I've never seen anything like it. . . here.

Remember when the street was so flooded you rafted down it . . . along with the garbage cans that came floating by?

Well, that much water but add to it marble sized hail (other areas reported golf ball size) and powerful winds.

This was my view as I ate breakfast on the patio. The clouds were moving in, yes, I actually had a fresh load of wash on the lines (and it was mostly dried before I took it down). I was not as concerned with a storm, thinking we would hopefully get some needed rain and cool-down. I was focused on the mocking bird at the top of Dwight's palm that has been serenading me for two days. Love the song in the daytime but not a fan when it keeps singing at night . . . loudly.

It came hard and fast. Can barely see the neighbors. This photo, all the photos, doesn't do "justice" to what was actually happening. The pool was not simmering, not boiling but looked to be at a FULL, ROLLING BOIL. The hail was so large, strong and so much of it.

Smaller hail floating on the flooded patio.

The hail shredded my plants. The basil and tomato plants really suffered.

Potato vine's nearly demolished

For as truly destructive and scary as this was . . . part of me was loving it. Remind you kids of all our gatherings on the patio during summer monsoons? BIG NOISE.

I fan outside during a lull to see how the front was doing (the storm kept coming in waves). Luckily the car was okay. News broadcasts showed so many car windows bashed in from hail in the valley.

Bring on my boys and the pool floats. The photos don't show just what a fast current we had.
I got the garbage can rolled back before any loss.
I've surveyed damage this morning. Pool is unbelievably full of dirt and debris. Not doing total clean up since we are due more of the same today.
After watching the news I felt even more blessed with safety. Major home damage, power outages, I-17 shut down yesterday afternoon until midnight. The commute home was horrible and so many car accidents. Hope all is well for the trip to the dentist this afternoon.

Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

WOW! And guess what that storm is here! It is wild here..thunder and lightning and solid rain! I don't like it much..I want a nice warm Fall! Come say hi :D

Trevlyn said...

That IS bad! So sorry for your plants! I know a handful of people who had windows on their homes broken!

Jody said...

Wow, I'm sure glad you were safe. That was terriable what it did to your plants! I love you


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