Friday, October 1, 2010

I tied on a sturdy apron today and went to work with the box of Utah peaches I told you I was going to get.

They are so sweet and juicy. Best eaten fresh in my opinion but it's so nice to have jam and bottled fruit on the selves also for later use.

In the Beavercreek, 6 kiddos days I canned more peaches ( and pears, plums and grape juice) than I could ever count. Mom was not a canner but I learned from a sister at church when we lived in Joseph. I love the way sisters mentor and love one another.

Getting all the equipment cleaned and ready.

Blanch the peaches.

Plunge into an ice bath.
Afterward the skins just slip right off so quickly leaving very slippery peaches.

Cut open and remove the pits (stones). At this stage you can put into bottles for canning but most of my efforts went into making jam. Many more steps in the heat. Boy were the old timers smart to build canning or summer kitchens.
I next chopped my peaches in the food processor, added the lemon juice, pectin and sugar then cooked it. I filled the jars, wiped the tops, added lids and rings and they're ready for the bath. Bring the water 1 to 2 inches above the jars, bring to gentle boil and boil only 10 minutes for the jam. The pints of peaches I had to boil (process) for 20 minutes (quarts take 25 min.)

Here are my little jewels. This is really a rather meager amount but at least it's a start.
Are you doing any canning. Any freezer jam? I really, really prefer frozen jam but I love that cooked jam has a long self life and my freezer space is used for more "important" food storage.

Happy day, msk


Tallona said...

I just canned and made freezer jam with 72 lbs of peaches. Yeah, I was a little sweaty in the end. It has happened I am domestic, not to mention the case of pears I canned a few weeks and the throw pillow I made this evening. What has happened to

sylvia said...

Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to attempt canning. For now, I'm loving the ease of freezer jams.

Julie Harward said...

Looks like magical things happen at your house when you tie an apron on...I might have to try that! LOL


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