Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's one of my daughter Trevlyn's photos of Tessa and Penelope from last week in Utah. I just loved seeing these little girls have fun together and look forward to creating many, many more occasions for togetherness and bonding for all the GRANDS.

Tuesday. A fine day in the valley of the hot sun.

Big Kirby...and I do mean BIG...he looks 5 lbs heavier since I went to Oregon, and I had a shortened, hosed down walk. Okay, just so there's no misunderstanding, Kirby was hosed down not I. He seems to be panting and slowing down so after our joint walk he came inside and I continued. Yes, Arizona is HOT in the summer. No denying it but I'm dreaming of my AZ winter and know you'll want to come stay with me (or Skippie...thanks for the comment Skippie).

I'm noticing a couple of praying mantis' around when I'm watering. They really fascinate me and knowing they are good at eating bugs makes me really like them. I sent one scrambling for safety after I unknowingly hosed it last evening. Felt sorry.

I got Trevlyn's recipe for chocolate chip cookies and baked some early this a.m. before the oven being on was unbearable. She said this was her current favorite.

Are you always looking for a better chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Do you have one to share that is "knock your socks off good"?

Wow, I better "publish" this post quickly while I still have a connection.

Until later. Sending love and hoping you find much to smile about and blessings to count.

Happy Day from MSK


the conleys said...

have I mentioned, yet, how much I love the new blog look?! love it...

miss my boy, give Kirbs lots of kisses please.

love hearing about your day...

Julie Harward said...

What darling little ones.. How fun to visit them! Don't wish winter on us too fast, we have only had two weeks total of summer! :D

Amy said...

Love the new blog look too! And no I am never on the lookout for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe because my mom's is the best one EVER! :)

Trevlyn said...

Isn't that picture the BEST!?! Actually, I stole it from Linny! Hope you enjoyed the cookies!

MarySue said...

Thanks dear ones for the comments.

Blog-0ver courtesy of the amazing daughter Trevlyn. Thanks sweet girl.

Julie-I won't rush winter on my Utah or Oregon family/fiends...just ME.

Amy-remind me to get that recipe from either you or darling Noelene.


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