Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello, again

Summer travel has been a blast. The computer will now "boot" but is as slow as molasses syrup and that really frustrates me. Almost impossible to upload photos so I haven't bothered to blog...feeling the photos are the big draw.

The most recent trip was the Utah family reunion. Please just hop over to Trevlyn's blog or Linny's blog to see photos.

We had a blast.

It is so hard to put into words the JOY I feel being with my kids and grands. It's the greatest. The only down is that not all are involved and the family is still too spread out across this great land of ours. I may just blog without photos and see if that has any value to you.
Happy Day from MSK


the conleys said...

LOVED seeing you...

I vote for photoless blogs. I'd rather read your stories then wait for you to upload photos.

MarySue said...

Assuming this is Linny commenting...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey...I love the photos, but the "written word" is sooooo worth reading that I hope you keep that up!!!!

Love ya and miss ya...Skippie


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