Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Need A Senior???

Before I get to the topic of needing a senior. . . needing me, here are a couple of cacti photos from Kirby's and my walk this morning. Sorry, still only the cell phone pictures.

I am continually amazed by God's great creations and truly appreciate those that bring such beauty in this hot desert. Pure joy to my heart.

Okay, this is why you just may need me - at least on Tuesday's. Tuesday is senior citizen day at Good*will. I may have told you that previously but if you ARE a senior you probably forgot. With a 25% discount I can let myself indulge a bit. Or you can take me along and I'll get the discount for YOU.
Here's what I SCORED today:

I'm loving this mirror. Don't know where I'll put it, it may end up in one of your houses kids but it was too pretty and cheap/frugally priced to pass up. Don't think ill of me buying something I don't need. I've denied myself for too many years and you know so well that I've gotten furniture for you, held on to it for years and now you enjoy it in your homes. Did I make my case???? Forgot to mention the frame is carved wood. Yummy.

This tea service is Demca Creamware from Portugal. It has such a beautiful cream color, very rich. I WILL have a tea party when the weather cools down here . . . in 5 months thank you Arizona. Herb tea that is. The photo doesn't do it justice!!!! The raised pattern in so sharp and pretty and there is such a luster to it.

Yes, I know I have a couple soup tureens but again, this one actually has a lid, ladle and plate bottom . . . intact. That doesn't happen much. And guess what . . . when it cools down, I'll be back to making yummy soups and serving them in this.
The lemon mosaic tray behind this tureen was a garage sale find I really like so hung it on the wall. You do not need this senior to shop garage sales and SCORE your own treasures..

Thanks for visiting and looking.
Would you comment just to make a senior feel good please. Thanks.


Amanda said...

Oh the mirror would look awesome painted white and distressed! LOVE it and the soup dish is lovely! I should go with you some time you seem to find good stuff!

Becca and fam said...

I love the cacti pictures, just beautiful. Also the mirror is neat and I adore the tea set! What fun!

TexasMom said...

Hey MarySue - I see you noticed my link to your wonderful Vanilla Syrup recipe. My name is Heidi Romney. When I grew up in the Colton Ward, Beavercreek, OR, you may have known me as Heidi Muffett. My mom is Hjordis Muffett. I was a year older than Trevlyn. I began following Trevlyn's blog "My Piece of Heaven" a few months ago after we became friends on facebook. So... mystery solved!

Your blog is absolutely lovely - such a creative gal you are, and I see Trevlyn has inherited those lovely traits!


MarySue said...

Heidi-Of course I remember you, your lovely mom and brother too. So fun to have a connection. Please tell your mom hi for me. I'll be a follower of your blog now.

Cindy said...

I love all your finds---I never seem to score at Goodwill as you do. It may have something to do with patience and/or "vision". That is something I'm going to insist we do when you come this summer---you can go with me and be my "Goodwill Consultant". Love, C.

MarySue said...

Oh Cindy, that's a great idea. I always have fun shopping with you...remember Wally's. It's a date.


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