Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family, Family, Family

We are a spread-out-family. My heart breaks that the cousins can't be together more along with the aunts and uncles too. Building strong family ties is exceedingly important to me and a must. So you will understand my excitement that the AZ kiddos and grands have made their summer vacation be a trip to be with the Utah branch of our family.

How fun that one of the grands keeps sending me cell phone photos so I can be a part of their fun. Here's Miss T in the Conference Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She and I looked at pictures of this center and I told her she may get to go and see it in person. I hope it was fun for her.

"The Cristus" statue on Temple Square in the Visitors Center. I remember lining up my kiddos when they were tots for a picture in front of this moving art work. I'm told Trevlyn did that also with the grands.

The temple spires. Cloudy days are okay so the sightseers don't get overheated.

Little cousin Miss P in a cute hat. I know how excited Miss T was to spend time with Miss P, she took up matching jewelry for them to wear.

Fun at Lagoon!!!! Aunt Dori was Super-Aunt-Dori making herself go on the "scarey" rides with the grands.

Miss T somewhere.

Probably the most daring grand when it comes to the wild rides. Such a fun grand.

I hope that great, great memories are being created.
I'll be happy to hear about the trip to Heber to see Great grandpa K.

Thanks kids for extending yourselves to one another. Blessings on your heads.


La Bella Vie said...

Hi there, I'm Terry Beaudry, Hjordis Muffett's next door neighbor:)
Go into "6 Rommney's in Texas" blogspot for the entire scoop.
Its actually turned into such a fun mystery:)

MarySue said...

Terry, are you andthe Muffett's still in Oregon...if so I remember your area and love it. Thanks for visiting.

Dori Knight said...

I can't wait for you to see all of the pictures on Trev's camera. I got a ton of the kiddos and Mark on the Cliffhanger, the ride that suspends you upside down about 2 stories in the air. We had SO much fun on that ride and I'm SO proud of those who were afraid of it but tried it anyway.

Trevlyn said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing!


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