Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Just outside my arcadia door. Not bragging, just sharing.

Thankfully, I'm able to get on SLK's laptop today so I will spend a little time with you. Picture...I'm at the desk I inherited from Kent and Noelene that I've put in the family room just next to/blow the kitchen railing. It looks like an old school teachers desk from the 50's. I love it. The Arcadia door (that's an old AZ term for a sliding glass door) is open, expecting a day around 70 degrees, Kirby is out having a sunbathe after our morning walk. It was a brief walk but I'm still recouping from that nasty, hanging on cold and brief was good. I'm really appreciating these blessings and feeling thankful.

I added another FHE (Family Home Evening) lesson to the side bar on the topic preparation . . . which can be taken in so many directions - savings account, food storage, education etc. I liked this quote from Henry B. Eyring:
"The preparation...must begin long before the crisis. Those who are prepared will be ready to answer (the call)."

Just click on this LDS Living Magazine and you'll get to the lesson. If you scroll down you can click on the pdf format and get the cutsie graphics, refreshment recipe and coupon to Deseret Book that's good until Jan. 17 if I recall correctly.
Sending you love. Would love to sk*ype with my darling grands today. :-)

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Cindy said...

I was hoping to see what the back yard looks like now (outside the "arcadia door"). I wonder where that came from---nothing to do with our school, I know. I'd like to see more, especially your lemon trees. Also loved the lobelia. Good talking to you yesterday.
Much love, Cin


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