Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have You Noticed

My dear friend Becca now has a button that I've added to my blog that will enable you to click and see what she's up to. I doubt that she'll mentionthat she, Jane and Mitchell on his new red Christmas bike walked/rode over yesterday for a fun surprise visit. I sent them home with the first picking from my Myer and Lisbon lemon trees...more like shrubs in pots but they are my precious citrus.

Low and behold, my surprise today was a piece of this yummy lemon tart with blackberries, mint and whipped cream delivered with such smiles and hugs.

Oh joy!

Check out the "I read Grapefruit" (Daily Grapefruit) button to the right. Great cooking, recipes, mothering, photography and laughs.

Thanks Becca & Co.


Becca and fam said...

Of course those lemons came from your tree, you are such a wonderful gardener. Beautiful lemons and beautiful tart.

kms said...

Becca rocks!

Grapefruit said...

I hope you actually ate the tart...not just took pictures of it. :)

Thanks again!


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