Monday, December 14, 2009

Still Laughing

Great week-end! I'm still laughing too. Maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" experiences but I'll still tell you about it and you are so gifted I'm sure you'll catch the vision.

We took the Nally/Victor clan out to the movies and dinner. I didn't think I'd really like A Christmas Carol but I was totally surprised at the quality and the bonus was that the grand boys picked up on the moral lessons on their own. Now that's a blessing and fun.

But the FUN began after the movie at Johnny Rockets, a 50's style diner. We were provided with piles of nickles for the juke box. FUN music and FUN that the grands can sing along with the music that Grandpa and Grammy sing. The photo below is the boys at the juke box.

We heard one waiter say to another that it was time for the dance. We told the boys to go over to where they were gathering so they could watch. Well, the music blared a Bee Gees tune and our boys were caught up in the line of dancers and when they realized this 2 of them, Morgan and Jake just stayed in the line and "did" the dance. They even had the John Trav*olta moves down. The waiters were all in sync and our fun/funny grands were just a tad behind as they tried to watch and do the moves right along. We more than laughed. You could hear us howling and clapping. It was really great. The manager came up to the boys afterward and asked if they could come back every Friday night.

Mark hefted Tessa up for a good view. She already had her diners hat on.

Saturday night we went with the singles ward to the Mesa Temple to enjoy the most fabulous and extensive Christmas lighting and displays. The crowd was huge as this is such a big draw from all over the valley.

Drats, I accidentally deleted a temple picture and can only get it at the beginning. Well, at least I'm trying to share. Much, much to do so saying ta da duck. Love and Christmas joy to you.


sylvia said...

What a fun outing! Those boys are sure special.

Trevlyn said...

Ya, we know how to PARTY! :)


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