Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Yesterday I spent time in the kitchen, one of my favorite places, and put together some holiday giving. I'm fearful that my neighbors and friends may be disappointed.

Would this disappoint you? It's okay to be forthright here. Notice I didn't say to be honest since I know you are.

I have fond memories of Mom making this during the Christmas holidays and loving it. She made a change though and I'm not sure why. Lacking was the wheat chex and in its place were Cheer*ios. She also used mixed nuts and I always dug for the cashews and almonds. Since I have bags of leftover "waffle" pretzels from Linny's reception and chocolate fountain I used those instead of the stick variety and just plain old peanuts. The Cheer*ios seem to soak up that spicy mixture and are little nuggets of goodness.

Also yesterday I had the blessing of helping with the singles ward Christmas dinner. I was blown away by the sweet friend-planners work and effort. Talk about magnifying yourself in a calling!!! The room was decorated to the hilt, the menu was chicken Alfredo with Penna pasta, meatballs in marinara sauce with spaghetti, crusty, toasted baguettes with garlic butter, gorgeous and delicious salad with pomegranates, mangoes and sliced almonds, mint brownies, apple pie and homemade ice cream. The kitchen was a fun, harmonious buzz of action and chatting.

Many of those great young adults stayed after to help with the rather large take-down and clean-up. Blessings await those that serve and give with such goodness and I'm so happy to get to know them.

Today is a beautiful, sun-soaking-on-my-back morning. I'm washing a few loads of the floor length table cloths from last night so the drier that is usually dormant is humming in the background. I look up from the table in the kitchen to enjoy a glimpse of the ginormous tree all decorated in memories, glitter and shine. My heart swells with happiness as I recall many vacation ornaments, created ornaments, made at school or Scouts or church ornaments and gift ornaments that have decorated our home. I realize my many blessings and am reminded to be prayerful for others that have needs, heartaches and loss. Sending you my love, gratitude and prayers.


Jody said...

I would be delighted if I got chex mix for a christmas treat. Love that stuff and you too. Hugs

kms said...

Have been unable to find waffle pretzles in the stores... Did you buy them all?

Trevlyn said...

I love your chex mix! I made the "muddy buddies" with the chocolate and powdered sugar...like the other kind better!


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