Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Offerings of Gratitude

Since I am unable to post much and no photos may I just direct you to sweet Trevlyn's blog to see a few wedding pictures. Okay, I was able to load a picture. I'm sure you'll want to click on it to enlarge (silly, vain me). The above photo is not complete without Jesse's family but they were loved and misses.

My but we had a grand time with the grooms dinner at our house/backyard, wedding at the Mesa Arizona Temple, reception in dear friends Kathy and John's backyard (much appreciation) and then Halloween. We've had an endless party...and I have the mess to prove it. The gratitude I'm feeling for all the dear family and friends that worked so hard to help almost overwhelms me. Sisters Cindy and Jody and nephew Ben flew in from Oregon, Jesse from Pennsylvania, Tyler from Boston, Dori from Utah, and Andy and Annette and grands drove down from Utah. Jared and Linny drove from Utah, and Jared's family came from Washington, Florida, Nevada and Mesa. It was a fun, big group.

Dear friends from church were such food/kitchen help, Noelene and Kent, Audra, Amy, Sandi and Walt, Sandy and Darrel, Kimberly, Sue and Matt. Decorating helpers Claudia and Robin. How can I ever thank you enough!!!???

Dori is my last one home and she flies back to Utah today....along with her laptop.

Now for the clean up which I do not mind at all. I'll do all of it with gratitude. 3


Brewer's Ink said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for your family!

Angela said...

What a beautiful bride, and family! Wish I could have made it, and happy belated birthday MarySue!


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