Friday, October 9, 2009

Love Utah in October

Greetings from cool, beautiful Utah. SLK and I drove up Thursday. My favorite part of the drive was just after Kanab where there were gorgeous fall leaves. My face was on a "project" most of the time and I was not crocheting a baby blanket. Since it is a bridal shower gift for Linny's shower tomorrow I can't share. It's very old fashioned.

Today was a fun day of shopping, eating and just being together. We made it to Tai Pan Trading, one of my all-time favorite stores and I scored. Hopefully I'll be able to take photos and get to sharing on here soon.

Tonight's highlight was hearing Penelope call "Grammy" and her invite to join beside her bed for prayer. Now won't you agree that would be a highlight!!!

Another "high" was hearing from Trevlyn that Kirby has not eaten any of her chicks!!! She reports he to very, too interested but no mishaps. I was/am worried.

Thanks Andy for sharing your computer so I can post. I LOVE MY FAMILY.

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Amy said...

I am jealous of your shopping trip! Very cool store.


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