Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Surprise Sleepover

I was so happy to welcome my midnight visitors with beds, love and prayers. Trevlyn's ceiling came tumbling down in three rooms. What a horrible mess but thankfully no one was injured. After breakfast this morning we piled in my car...Trevlyn's was trapped in their garage, and we drove to the two schools to drop off the darling grands. Jake was at his dad's last night so wasn't part of the adventure. I stepped inside his and Morgan's class room and he wasn't the least bit shy to come over and give his grammy a hug. That made my day!!

While transporting my car started having problems shifting into gears. SLK met me at Trev's, on such a very busy work day for him, and we drove to the repair shop. Now I'm stuck at home with my long list of errands needing to be completed today and no car, wondering what that repair bill may be. At least my ceiling is intact. I'll count my blessings.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your POOR, POOR DAUGHTER! Please let her know that I'd LOVE to clean her house, tend her children or make her dinner for an entire week! Whatever she needs...


Her Loving, Doting Visiting Teachers

sylvia said...

Thankfully no one was hurt with the roof coming down. What a blessing for Trevlyn to have you close by to help out.

ashley@decorology said...

Congrats MarySue! You've won the french country coat rack over at Decorology. Email me at with your shipping address!


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