Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Old Days

Do you remember these table-side jukeboxes! Flip the "pages" to find thee song you want to hear with it's letter and number....D3....put your nickle in, punch in the code and enjoy. I loved all juke boxes.
Oh the personal record player, here playing 45's. I was so excited the Christmas that Cindy got me the record The Lion Sleeps Tonight, I played it over and over and over-you get the idea. Playing records was something that could consume much time. Love those oldie tunes still.

No automatic ice cube makers. No plastic trays, just these metal ones with the handle you had to pull backwards to loosen the ice cubes. Many times I wasn't strong enough to successfully pull that handle back. Often I'd run water over the bottom of the tray to loosen the ice to come out. It could be a real workout.

The new. The sleek. The Princess Phone. I didn't have this but loved it from afar. And the dial lit up with you picked up the receiver!!! This was so advanced.The boufont hair drier!!! Used only after roller my hair on prickly rollers. I still remember rushing home from school on a Friday, shampooing and rolling my long hair and hoping it would dry in time for my date that evening...I had one or two during high school.
I spent time licking the green stamps Mom got from the grocery store and placing them in her books. It was a big deal to save up your green stamps and then redeem them at the S&H store for household treasures. Now, Cindy, I've set you up to tell us about your big "purchase" as a young married with your stamps.
Do any of you have stories to share? Please do.

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Jody said...

Oh, i do remember all your oldies but goodies. How fun to think back! Hugs


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