Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Showing D.C. Photos

These are the last of this museum. I still get to share more of D.C. and monuments...Lincoln, Washington, WWII and Vietnam War. The monuments were so impressive. Did you know that there is no fee to see all the museums and monuments? That was a pleasant surprise to me.

I LOVE sea shells.


momof8 said...

Marysue, I love your blog. You always look so happy and you seem to just glow. I look to you as an example as my own mom passed away about 11 years ago. You are only a few steps ahead of me. Thank you for sharing your example with me.

Jenny said...

wow, those pictures are amazing, what a neat exhibit to see! I am constantly amazed by all the beautiful things in this world...thanks for sharing

MarySue said...

momof8 - Thank you for your kind comment. What a lovely surprise to receive it. Do I know you? Where are you located? Please get back to me.

Jenny-I'm so glad we have made our blog connection. I'm so thankful for the friendship between you and Trevlyn when we moved here and that it continues still. Happy Easter.


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