Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo Sharing of PA Trip

The pressure from Cindy's comment :) put me to uploading a few pics to share. We set off on Friday for our trip to D.C. Here are Parker and Asher buckled up for the trip. It was a cool and foggy morning.
(Camera shy) Jackson, Jesse, Ella and Parker.

These photos were taken out my window as we sped through the countryside. I "drank in" the views of this rural panorama.
We drove past Amish homes with their fantastic homemade quilts displayed over front porch railings and a sale sign. That was hard to pass up.

The trees were so dense along side the highway.
The older the homes the more interesting.

Passed signs to Gettysburg but it wasn't in our time frame...this time.

After checking into our rooms in Maryland, we set off on foot to locate the train a few blocks away and get into D.C.
These flowering trees in Maryland were too gorgeous to not stop and photograph. Reminds me of our Hong Kong Orchid trees here in AZ. It was a pretty walk to the train station.

We were there the weekend prior to the Cherry Blossom Festival but saw a few in bloom and marveled.
Riding the train with my buddy Jackson. It was no small task figuring out which trains to take, tickets from the machines, transfers, escalators, train doors, seats, 2 strollers and holding a lot of little hands.

Ella, Christie and Asher
Parker and Jesse behind a partition but on the same train.
More to come.


sylvia said...

I'm so glad you got home safely and had a nice visit with Jesse and family. Thank you for posting pictures - I was anxious to see some. Hug, syl

Jody said...

Our cherry blossoms are in bloom all along the Willamette River downtown and soo pretty. Love that Jesse and family! Hugs

Trevlyn said...

What an adventure! Great photos...I especially love the farms!


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