Friday, March 13, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here's a peek at the print I just hung in the dining room (actually it took Garry, Skippie and I to hang it). I saw this a couple of weeks ago, loved it, didn't buy it and have thought of it ever since. So much prettier in person. I love that it brings in the warm accent colors I love to my blue and white room.
The next sneak peek will be the paint samples I painted on these walls that are drying and awaiting a second coat. This is such a big deal and so needed. We've had white walls for over the 22+ years we've lived here and a colorful change has been sorely needed. I'm just a scaredy-cat at choosing colors. That's why sample will be good but I've seen the samples and honestly, I'm still scared. I think I have to go find additional samples to add to the two up already. Boy it's good Cindy is almost here and with her and Skippie's help I'm hoping to get over my block and get the perfect color on my walls.


Trevlyn said...

Love it! Even prettier than I'd imagined! I can't wait for you to PAINT!

shel7by said...

hey lady, thanks for the note. please pass on my email to bob. I'd be so happy. he's my other dad. shelbystroud at mac dot com. Thanks!!

Amanda said...

I think a pale Yellow would look great!

Anonymous said...

Love it---can't wait to see it in person. Like I said, I'd love to help you paint, we could get that done in one afternoon. Love, Cin

MarySue said...

Cindy-What a sister!!! Coming for a vacation and offering to help me paint. Pretty terrific.


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