Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dear Cherished Friend: You are a mystery to me but oh how you are appreciated. SLK found the bag full of sweet oranges you put on our porch yesterday and what a treasure they are. I immediately peeled and ate one-delicious, juicy, vitamin C packed and loved. THANK YOU. What an angel you are.
And for some reason I thought you'd want an updated photo of the inhaled narcissus. What a greeting they are also on the front porch. Do people still use the word porch?
Wishing you a happy day. Wish I could share oranges with all you loves in the cold climes. We'd peel and eat them on the back patio in the sunshine surrounded by blooming flowers and bees buzzing in the French lavendar.
And Trevlyn is having a givea.way here if you're interested in wi.nning a cute doll.

1 comment:

Trevlyn said...

What else would you call it? A stoop? Mine's a porch. Nice oranges!


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