Thursday, February 26, 2009

Play Day

Yesterday was a play day and it was fun. Skippie, Garry and I went shopping for RV's. We ended up in Mesa and it was just amazing to me the luxury we found in motor homes and 5th wheelers. On the lot was an old "tear drop" camping trailer. For some reason my cell phone pics that I send to my email address and then upload on my blog to share with you has not been working for the past few days (if anyone wants to pass along suggestions to correct that problem it will be welcomed). Anyway, I took a sweet picture of the bright red tear drop with Skippie peeking out...I needed perspective so you could see just how tiny it was. Here is a photo of a 1946 tear drop. Isn't it cute. Just big enough for a mattress inside.
If claustrophobia isn't a problem for a person I think this would be fun. Fun yes but I keep remembering the lovely kitchens and baths in the luxury RV's. One model had 3 TV's inside and another one outside. Wow. Skippie told me our G. grandparents had a tear drop trailer before I could remember. That was neat info to learn and now you kids know it too. Maybe you got some love of camping from the G side of the family.


Trevlyn said...

I have NO good camping memories, but that trailer is awesome! I've never seen inside one! The perfect "Couples Camper"!

Jenny said...

SO cute! Ray and I lost our minds last spring and bought a camping trailer....:) When we have actually used it, it has been great fun and our kids LOVE it! Hopefully we will go on an adventure in it soon, but that cute little red one is awesome!!


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