Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Sending you love and greetings for this Christmas 2008. No gift, of any magnitude could ever be found under my Christmas tree that could compare to the gift of my Savior Jesus Christ's birth, life and example. I testify of Him, I know His path is the only one that can bring eternal joy and family. I hope you enjoy seeing my family, my gifts that I love.

Bryan, Tessa, Morgan and Jake (Trevlyn and Mark's children)


Owen, Annette, Holden, Andy & Penelope

Jesse, Asher, Parker, Ella, Jackson & Christie


Merry Christmas


Becca and fam said...

What great family photo's you have! Enjoy your Christmas with those you get to see!

Jody said...

Merry Christmas to all my loved ones in Arizona! Love and Hugs

pam said...

First time I looked at the links on Angela's blog and found Marysue! I knew you had a blog but hadn't remembered the name. Loved all the pictures of your children and grandchildren. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Brewer's Ink said...

Great pics. Thanks for the picturesque update on everyone.


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