Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SLC Cont. Hold On To Your Hat

I took what seemed like a million photos while on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.  You might think all these photos are overkill but I'm only sharing a small part of the beauty I saw.  The tulips and flowering trees took my breath away.  I was one exclamation after another.  I'm so happy to share these.
  M A G N I F I C E N T ! 


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

So gorgeous!! Wouldn't it be fun to sneak around with the gardeners and learn the "ins and outs" of the flowers
and I suppose their "secrets" (or knowledge..)Thanks for sharing these photos..

Anonymous said...

it's never over kill when it come to Temples -- wow wee -- I need to take a trip there..lovely photos

Teresa said...

BEautiful... I would love to have their garden budget =)


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