Friday, May 17, 2013

My Early(ish) Morning

About 6:30 this morning we hit our low temp...72 degrees.  I'll gladly take it knowing all too soon our lows will be in the 90's! I don't brag about AZ summers too much but do try to stay positive in my attitude.  You can expect me to tell quickly the clothes dry on my "solar" drier aka clothesline. Yes, still old-school and loving it.

You can just barely see the Sungold cherry tomato peeking up in this cluster of pots.

You'd love a morning dip in the pool wouldn't you.  This is where I hear a sister or two asking me if I'm swimming.

My little harvest of tomatoes. The basil is still growing great so I'll be putting these two together with some Mozzarella pearls for our lunch today and some leftover roasted chicken. The heat will be taking out much of my potted garden soon but that's normal and hey, I've enjoyed this since Jody and I planted them last October. I'd say that's a good run.

Wishing you a happy day, msk

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Anonymous said...

Lovely look around you place -- yeah are you swimming - I would have be done by 7:00am with my swim if I was still living there -- that's one thing I am missing!!
Have a super day..


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