Friday, April 5, 2013

Old-School and Grateful

I was rather overtaken with gratitude for my precious mother today. It happened as I was ironing the cloth napkins we used for our family Easter dinner after church. As a girl I remember begging Mom to teach me how to iron...I know, what was I thinking. Anyway, Mom started me on Dads handkerchiefs. No biggie and I was graduated to pillowcases. Yes, I'm gratefully old enough to be part of the generation that didn't have
was ironed perfectly to meet Moms standards. I next learned Moms PRECISE way to iron a blouse and thus I usually did all my own ironing. And if you know how to iron a blouse well you can iron a mans dress shirt.

Many, many years of starching and ironing my husbands shirts (usually 5-6 per week) and the 3 boys white Sunday shirts each week is now a memory. This may speak poorly of me but I use to feel sorry for the men who showed up to church with wrinkly shirts and wondered why their wives didn't take better care of them. Okay, that may be divulging too much of my vanity.

This all leads back to my thanks and tribute to my GREAT mother who did so much well without fanfare to herself and for teaching Cindy, Jody and I the fine arts of homemaking. I fall short of her standards at times but I'm still a work in progress at 64 yrs. old.

Wishing you a happy day, msk


Natalie said... too! Thanks I really needed a little laugh fun. I remember one time ironing the pillow cases and burned myself - left the iron on the fabric and scorched it good. My mom was none too happy about that! Have a happy day!

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

ooopppss--Nat must have been logged on to my's just me...


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