Sunday, April 14, 2013


Ah the blessing of FAMILY. This week we have created memories of cousins, aunts and uncles, swimming, Old Town Scottsdale and the park there,The Sugar Bowl, scorpion hunts, bbq's, Luscious Lemon Square and Juno's first swim experience (can't really call it a lesson). Ya, I wish the scorpions weren't part of any of our memories!

Feeling blessed but sad as the JCK's left today but thrilled my two fabulous sisters will stay on and create more memories . . . and always much laughter.

Love you dears!


Trevlyn said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Lindsay said...

SOOOOOO darling! such great photos. what's up with the ducklings?? did they just let you pick them up?? so fun!!! said...

WOW - lot of family around you what a treat -- love the photo of you with your sisters.. I don't have to many alone with my sisters soo I see this as special...


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