Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Sunny Day-After-Christmas

 With our family Christmas dinner celebration on Sunday, our Christmas day was a relaxed one with delightful "left-overs", family, Facetime and munchies.  Cloudy for Phoenix but not a bother to us.  We'll delight in a cool day watching Jake fetching arrows off our roof for Tessa-the-archer.

The sunshine is back today and I'm sharing the lavender and  lemons in the backyard with you.  What a joy. I would never have imagined how well, aromatic, French lavender would grow in Arizona.  I've been watering some herbs this morning and snipped a bit of basil to bring in and dry.  I'll be harvesting some of the Meyer and Lisbon lemons to take up to Utah soon.

The pool overhaul was completed in a timely manner and is now a blue jewel in the backyard.  I'm feeling grateful for much and hoping that gratitude is reflected in my life. (still having struggles with putting a post together in this new system-can you help me Mary T?)


French said...

Hi MarySue! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the blog...I love your lavender. I wonder if you know Laura from Decor to Adore, also in Phoenix? wishing you a joyous Christmas Season~

Anonymous said...

I love back yard Lavender it's such a refreshing smell--I am still trying to learn what can grow here in AZ so when I get my own home and not be renting I'll be set! I've enjoyed your blog and I'll be back..
Have a MOST wonderful New Year!!


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