Saturday, August 4, 2012


You may remember this tuxedo kitty that decided to take up residence in our backyard.
I hear you, she wouldn't have stayed if I hadn't fed her.
She's beautiful in my eyes, even though she hisses and claws on my Arcadia door (sliding glass door but you really want to call them the old-school name don't you) when she sees Cisco and Hazel. She started coming around when Cindy was here visiting this spring and we got to share our enthusiasm over her together. She's gotten much braver around me but make no mistake, she is feral and I don't know if I'll ever win her over.

Well, Tkitty gave us a surprise upon our return from the family reunion. Our kitty has kitties. Two cuties that are just as feral as their mama. I'm working on a plan, hopefully to adopt these babies out, humanely trap Tkitty, have her spayed and then released to live in my back yard.
Anyone have any other suggestions?
Anyone want a kitty.


Trevlyn said...

They're SO blessed to have you looking out for them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my == can't help you out - wish I could I've had things like this happen to us and it not fun -- it's hard to find homes - sure hope all will work out for the little ones..


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