Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifting Finds This Week . .

Lest you think I have a "problem" and do nothing but shop thrift stores constantly . . .
wait, maybe I need to do some reflection here. . .
NO, I am helping others feather their nests or boutiques and adding just a tad to my own.
Are we okay???
Here we go with some of the latest treasures/finds.

I've really been drawn to copper lately. Here is a hand hammered pitcher.

It's smaller size will make it perfect to tuck into a setting or use as a vase. I've already tucked it on my kitchen counter. The sunburst mirror is also a find...just $2.99!

Here's a metal tray with pierced edging and colors that I knew would rock my kitchen. I think that pheasant is gorgeous. Well, maybe it's not a pheasant but close to it at least.

I put it up right away.

A little close up for you.

I've long been a fan of these types of caddies. Not only are they great for taking silverware, plates and napkins outside for a picnic they work so well to organize a desk or even bathroom. You can tell I didn't "stage" these photos for today's blog but you get the idea.

Little silver elephant I thought was just waiting to be either a bookend or paperweight. What do you think? I'm planning on it residing in a certain doctor's office.

It's hard to go wrong with a 99 cent frame especially when it's a shell frame. And I liked the little country scene also for 99 cents. It reminded me of our time living in Joseph.

I would have wanted a close-up too.


Baskets. I've always loved baskets and find them practical to use and very decorative. Previously I was collecting old suitcases to use but just can't find them - at least at a price I will pay - so am on the hunt for good looking, sturdy picnic baskets now.

Heavy duty wok. Look out veggies.

I think this is a mission style lamp. One of the two sockets isn't working so I'm planning on trying my hand at replacement. I'm guessing I'll just unplug...very important to remember I'm thinking...then unscrew and remove the non-functioning socket, take it to HD and ask one who knows to tell me what to buy and do. I'll let you know how that goes.

Two counter chairs. I think these are really sharp looking and will go with a variety of styles and any color theme.

I added 3 blue and white ceramics to my collection that now needs to be redone. I've just gathered them here for the photo shoot.

Pop of red, heavy metal book-stand. Won't this be a fun kitchen addition with a favorite, beautiful or just well used cookbook propped on it!

I'm gathering just a small assortment of amber for a fall display. Here are 2 of 3. I really like to change an entry table decor with the seasons.
As Porky Pig would say. . . Th, th, th, that's all folks!


Trevlyn said...

Wow, Lady! You've scored big time! I'm coveting the bird tray.....hard! It looks great on that wall!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for your visit. I know what you mean about thrift's that special find for such a good price and fun to add or change about and add to our homes. I love the Desert Industries and so do so many. The one in St. George has more people shopping at it than any other store! Love your little copper pitcher and the tray and all...way to go! :)

Lindsay said...

oh my goodness you found a ton! hahaa.. i love the bird tray and the little framed country scene. also LOVE the wok! ;) love you!


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