Friday, July 6, 2012

Reunion Snapshots

Thanks to family who take cellphone pics and send to my email. That's the only way I'm getting photos here.
Here is SLK with grands at BYU Creamery...oh the yumminess of this place. This was after Sundance ski lift and hiking.
Do you love the family reunion shirts!!! We all do. Thanks Andy and Annette for these shirts we proudly wear.

Nice hike from the cabin to a lake. Jody was still with us then and I'm so glad Deb got this photo. Deb, Scott and Thomas came up for a fun visit from SLK.

Grands downstairs in the family room for our Left Right game. This was so fun and I'll gladly share or just go to my Pinterest board Family Reunion. Love Pinterest for all the good ideas.

Jesse, Christie and some of the boy grands during L R game.

Celebrating birthdays for:
Annette and

P and Andy.

P and T after making their walking sticks. Plenty of bells on them to scare off bear...of which there are none thankfully. Now that I look closely I can tell they continued to all a lot a "stuff" to their sticks later and they were much more fun and colorful.

Happy us to be surrounded by our kiddos and grands.

Two huge, beautiful moose grazed on "our" cabin property for about an hour. We all lined up and took endless photos. What beauties.

More of the hike. The surroundings are just breathtaking.
Until later and hopefully more photos to share. Still feeling exceedingly blessed and loving this large experience.


Emily said...

What fun and exciting memories you all are making!! The cabin and surroundings are absolutely breathtaking!!! And the moose....WOW, so cool!! Love you all and am so happy (almost) everyone could come together!!

Anonymous said...

all these photos you are sharing bring a smile to my face cause I know the joy you are feeling of having you kids and grands around.. I'd like to have a cabin there -- I wouldn't mind seeing a moose from time to time..

Teresa said...

Nothing like wonderful family time.
Happy Day

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