Wednesday, June 6, 2012


If you weren't thirsty a minute ago you just might be now.
Isn't this delightful.
I found this inspiration at PB here.
I find myself wondering how I can pull this off. One of my complaints has been containers that either leak or have to be placed at the very edge of a table so there is access to the spigot (I had to look up that spelling here).

Now I don't think I have to purchase this but just use one of my many pedestal cake plates.
Rhodes Drink Dispenser Stand

Ooo, this is cool isn't it. Hummmm, how to copy this.
Beachcomber Drink Dispenser Stand

I think on upcoming thrifting trips I will be having an eye for things that will put my beverage dispensers up, off the tables.

Sending love and wishing you a day that quenches all your thirsts.


Anonymous said...

what a super neat-O idea just in time for summer - thanks..

Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful table! I have a beehive dome one and I need to get a cake get a cake pedestal for it, looks great! :)


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