Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thrifting Treasures

I thought I'd share some of the terrific finds over the past few weeks.

I put these in front of the microwave so you would get an idea of their size.
They are Smith and Hawkins terra cotta pear and pine cone and
currently residing on my front steps.

I don't think this little cell phone pic shows the beauty of this bronzie sconce. I have candles in it now and have walked around the house trying to find just the right place to hang it. Any ideas? And then there is my problem with not wanting to bring too much "stuff" into the decor. Maybe I'll keep it and maybe I won't but am just not sure yet.

You might not "get" this "treasure". I think you have to either be an Arizonan or at least love Mexican food from a great local restaurant called Macayo's. This cup just makes me smile and as much as I enjoy it I bought it with a purpose that involves giving it away. This is the guy cup and I'd like to find the gal cup. The sombrero is the cup part.

Best find.
Isn't it a beauty. . . found at Good*will yesterday.
You will need to keep posted at Trevlyn's blog
the painted porch
to see how it evolves.

Two table clocks that will look killer painted.

Darling black and white cases.

I may be the only one that likes these HEAVY CANVAS money bags . . . but I do.
I just know I will yet come up with some clever use for them.
Welcoming any of your ideas.
Just letting you know I think they are too heavy a material to sew on my machine.
Maybe I need to get a certain sister to sew them on a work machine.

Well off to vacuum the house. There seems to be a bit of kitty fur around now days along with purring and cuteness. Wishing you a great day.

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the dresser -- sweet find.. and the clocks - indeed!


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