Monday, May 14, 2012

A Bucket Load of Photos

I've had a big case of blogging blahs. I'm not sure why I decided to take some photos and post but here they are. I think I did this for my sisters who ask what's growing. Read on if you dare. This is when this really turns into a family blog.
Basil about to flower so I'd better start clipping and either drying or make some pesto. I need you Dori to help me make your delish pesto.

The zucchini is producing well and we are fortunate to really like this vegetable. My little bell peppers are so small, a very old plant, but they do turn red and are so sweet.

1 year old jasmine plants have bloomed well and fragranced the back yard with their heavenly aroma. They are climbing well.

I know this looks so tacky but it's what I do so the sun won't scorch the gardenia.

My precious mom loved gardenias and so do I.

Zucchini plants.

Bougainvillea never fails to gladden my heart with it's intense color.

My surprise to realize my cherry tomato is orange. This really tastes good.

Okay sisters, here's what you've been waiting fore...the Cape Plumbago. It's growing like mad even with all my trimming. Such an outstanding blue color.

Here's T.kitty eating outside with Cisco watching from within. There is no truce between the cats so we just keep them separated. Plus, I didn't tell you that a couple of weeks ago Hazel went AWOL and was gone from one evening until about 11 a.m. the next morning. Oh how we fretted. Cats haven't been allowed outside since and they sorely miss their outside time.

Ive become quite fond of T.kitty but she is so, so frightened. She came within 3 feet of me to eat this weekend but I dared not move. I'm trying to win her over. I just know she would love my kitty-caresses.

Did you remember my desire for a bell jar - cloche? I've seen a few but they have been more pricey than I want to invest. Well, I found this and I think it once fit onto a cheese board. Do you think I can get away with it being a cloche?

Oh, here we are back at more plants. This purple beauty was just starting to bloom as Cindy left so she'll want this update.

What a fun time at grand-Tessa's talent show at school. Her group did a fun dance routine. I was too far away to get a good picture. They danced to Walk Like An Egyptian.

We had an enjoyable evening when grand Bryan was inducted into
National Honor Society. Yeah Bryan!

Just a couple more funnies of Cisco and Hazel napping on the end tables.

I've always liked the looks of these stair baskets and wanted one.
Well, to my delight I found one on a thrifting trip a couple weeks ago.
After having it a while I decided I didn't really want it so it's on its way to
The Painted Porch.

There you go with a little update.
I'm spending time trying to prepare for the family reunion and feeling blessed. Sending you dears love, MomEtc.


Teresa said...

Wow your garden is going to town. everything looks lovely.
Thanks for sharing.

Dori Knight said...

Hah, I don't even have a recipe! I just throw in a few cups of fresh basil, a few cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, a decent handfull of parmesan cheese, pulse in a food processor until well combined, and then, with the processor on low, drizzle in olive oil until its the consistency you want. Taste it, add more of whatever you like!


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