Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where Did 3 Weeks Go???

Sister Cindy flew home to Oregon yesterday so that also ends my vacation. What fun we had and I can never get enough time with my family. Love and miss you already Cindy.
Here are a few pictures taken when we spent a day in Scottsdale.

The art of Dave McGary was something we specifically went to see and it was sooo worth it.
Expressions Gallery Scottsdale.

Chief Joseph,
story of this sculpture and history here.

Flower in fountain close to the gallery.

Time spent at The Borgata of Scottsdale is always fun too.
This is where we ate lunch.

Two Plates Full is a must. Such fun, fun objects.

I sat down a bit and just listened to the music of this waterfall.
Okay, this is an online picture and . . .

. . . this is what I took with my cell phone.
Now that MY vacation is over, I better get to work. I have much to do just to keep up and then there is the family reunion that needs much planning and execution. MORE FUN.
I am blessed.

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Julie Harward said...

That all sounds like such fun, nothing like sisters! I have a little sis but she is in Alaska! Love the galary art, beautiful. :)


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