Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kitty Update

Here's Hazel and Cisco.
I found them napping in the back patio fountain.

Wouldn't you know when I rescue the two cuties a darling tuxedo kitty would show up too. Poor thing is very skittish and won't let me come near.

Now I'm feeding 3 cats and that's okay with me. TK (you guessed it, for Tuxedo Kitty, named by my sister Cindy who adores Tuxedo cats) only comes to eat when the coast is clear.

And that's often . . . now that Hazel

and Cisco are indoor cats.
Short story - stray came and pounced on my kids and SLK and I brought the kids right inside. They are adjusting well and we are learning the ins and outs of
Cat-parenthood and
Litterbox 101.
Hazel above on my desk and Cisco below lining up to board the ark.
Cats think they can go anywhere and everywhere.

Thankfully my daughters are all cat owners/lovers and I'm getting great advice.
I keep remembering my precious mom telling me as a child that I should be a veterinarian because of my love of animals. I really do think we that love animals are so richly blessed.

Cindy arrives tomorrow from cold, rainy Oregon for a 3 week stay.
Let the fun begin!


Julie Harward said...

i am glad to know that you love cats...these babies are all so cute. We still have a little wild black cat that follows our chickens everywhere, even sleeps with them in the coop at night! ;)

Trevlyn said...

Cute pictures! Love that you've joined the crazy cat ladies club!

Harriet said...

Don't they look settled in!


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