Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Week Photos

I can hear Sedona!!! When I'm in beautiful Sedona, I enjoy the sound of wind chimes, pipe wind chimes. That place and that sound just go together for me and I love it. Well, I found my own pipes this week and it was so timely since we've had some windy and breezy days.
I love it when I receive a cell phone pic from a kiddo...even if it is of their cat.
Hello Big Margot. She's a tank! A beautiful tank though. And a rescue cat at that
...yeah for rescue animals.

What a joy when a son flies into town for a business meeting and I get to see him. It was all too brief but it was time with a great son.
Another joy is seeing these beautiful flowers blooming in the neighborhood
while on my morning walk.

These are the cookies I baked when above son Andy came to town. He flew in but drove a newly purchased car back home to Utah so of course there had to be some Grammy cookies to take to the grands with enough for on-the-road-nibbling. Recipe here.

And some bread, freshly baked to take back too...this is in the rising stage.

Candle holders I found thrifting this week.
I now have pillar candles on them and it looks much better.

This photo is at my sister Jody's blog and I love it.
I know she won't mind if I snag it and share here.
I love the messages here.

I don't know why I've felt guilty for not blogging more, just silly isn't it. Hope this will give you sweet family something to look at and remember me. Sent with love...


Julie Harward said...

I see that life is good there with you, loved it all, from the chimes to the flowers to the cookies and cat and son! ;)

Christie K said...

Ella and I enjoyed it this Sunday morning!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

A cute cat and cookies? I love it.

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