Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Calling All Blog Readers

We are blessed to be having a family reunion this summer. I do not have much, if any, experience with reunions. I'm so very excited but also more than a bit anxious. I sooo want everyone to have
a fantastic time,
loving, fun memories,
yummy, easy food,
strengthened family bonds
and make it "relatively" easy. . .
that may just be using paper plates.

Do you have experiences,
or ideas?
Would you please share them...please.

I've been "Pinning" all sorts of ideas into my board Family Reunion.This is one of the most recent - link here.
I'm eagerly awaiting your input. I just know you will have thee most wonderful suggestions. :)


Teresa said...

We had a reunion last year...it was a blast- each of my married children were in charge of an activity.
We love the family talent night-
Treasure hunt
Girls craft afternoon
Happy Fun ball. =)
Family Home Evening- here's a little look at some of the things we did-

You will have a fabulous time-
happy Day

Janae Sorensen said...

This summer will be our 33rd year of family reunions in Yellowstone. Some years are better than others, and we've definitely had to change and adjust things over the years, but the one thing that is a must have event is our Cherry Pit Spit.

It started out as just a men's event, but has evolved into different divisions, and now everyone- right down to the teeniest toddler- participates. We just put a tape line down and have everyone take turns standing behind it and seeing how far they can spit their pit. The men started out getting three attempts, and insist on keeping it that way :) but the rest of us just spit one pit each (or we'd be there all day).

My mom and I bought a big brass spittoon to give to the winner that first year as kind of a joke, but it has turned out to be a coveted trophy. A few years ago my nephew took it in and had all the winning names and distances engraved on it...so fun to see! I finally got around to adding a trophy for the women's division, but I need to get some for the teens and kiddos, so keep your eyes peeled for me when you're at Goodwill! :)

Oh, and it's a great photo op. We always have each division line up by age and get their pictures taken before they start spitting...and individual pics during the actual spitting. Trust me, NOBODY can spit without looking ridiculous!

Priceless memories for the cost of a bowlful of cherries!

Angela said...

So I know I said I didn't have much advise to offer, but then, I got thinking about it. :)
One thing I would say is that while structured activities are good for most of the time, it's good to have a little down time too where cousins can just play together, without a manufactured experience.
And I would say ditto to everything Nancy suggested in her email too. Make sure work load is divided up, and as long as you're together it's fun. :)


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