Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treasure Hunting

I'm still looking for little gems for feathering my nest or often sharing.
This pretty blue and white pot was just a dollar at DI (Deseret Industries) and I decided to bring it home. It's already in a new spot and maybe I'll take another picture and share at a later date. You may notice the smaller blue pot...well it formerly had the plant that is now in that terra cotta pot next to it-needed much more room. I've seed basil in the little blue pot and you can just see it peeking up. I also seeded a much larger pot outside with basil and it is just starting to germinate. Oh the joy of fresh picked basil, mozzarella cheese, course salt and Balsamic vinegar.

I love the old fashioned glass citrus juicers and this one has Trevlyn's name on it.
The little covered dish may become a salt cellar, or jam dish
or Tessa suggested it could hold butter.
Do any of you have ideas?
It's currently decorating my Kathy shutter-shelf in the kitchen.

This is not a set and I actually purchased them a few weeks apart. I gave my last pretty soup tureen to Dori and have been missing one of my own. This has some real heft to it though it is on the plain side-okay with me.
The platter has already been put to use with a Sunday pork loin roast family dinner. It's a good size for a big gathering.
I love big family gatherings!

Two new gems here. I found the copper covered little pot and knew I wanted it next to the stove as my garlic keeper. I use fresh garlic quite a bit and this is a shiny, fun addition.
I got the silver pitcher to use for just that purpose, a pitcher but then thought I'd try it a while as a utensil holder.
My "jury" is still out.
Do you want to add your 2 cents?

This colander is soooo orange though it appears more red here.
It's home will be in SLC when it can catch a ride up there for Linny.
It's such a fun spot of color in my kitchen and though I really want Linny to have it, and she will, I will miss it.
Ahhh, you are remembering my thrifting copper colander aren't you so you will not feel sorry for my orange loss.
Do I dare admit that I have purchased yet another copper colander? I hope you won't think poorly of me. It was too cute to pass up on a senior discount day.

Yes, I'm still shopping but in a very selective way. I got Linny one of those clay covered baking thingies. Some fancy French name I think and then came to find out Annette wanted one too. So that's one of my big quests.

Oh this is just part of the recent finds but if I share all now I'll lose some of my future posting material. Hopefully you won't mind another thrifting post.
And just so you know -
So grab a grammy and go treasure hunting.


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Good Morning Mary Sue---Oh, I love them all--especially the citrus juicer...my cousin always called it a "lemonaider" - Not sure on the spelling - it's one of those family "made up" words...thanks so much for sharing you lovely photos to brighten the day!

MarySue said...

Oh Marilee, I love the name lemonaider! Thanks for sharing that cuteness.

Teresa said...

If I lived closer you could grab this grammer and we could have tons of fun.

Hi, I'm MarySue said...

Teresa: I've felt the same about you too as I've read your blog and seen all the fun things you Pin. Thanks for that comment.


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