Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Bye

Papa K. "passed" early this morning. I'm so grateful we changed our driving travel plans and SLK was able to make a last minute flight and arrived to be with his dad in those last couple hours.
We'll be together again, this I know, the life, death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ makes this possible.

We love you Papa.


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Thinking of you and yours...

Jody said...

Lucky Papa Knight to make that decision to go and then be able to do just that. No waiting and wondering when. My love to all who's hearts will miss him. Hugs

Teresa said...

Hugs to you and your family- some good byes are harder than others.

So thankful for the Gospel.

Amber said...

Sending our love to all of you!

Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful family pictures..bless him. So glad you got back home safely and had good times with family. :D


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