Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm Not One

I am not one of those women I admire that has been organized and working hard and accomplished much in December. I have been busy but not enough to be so behind in what I thought I would have accomplished by now. So why am I on the computer blogging???? Maybe I will make a New Years resolution to work on
Yes, that's a good one.

I have only one area of my kitchen that got a little decorating yesterday and though it is simple I am loving it and it makes walking into my kitchen cheery and fun.

My bay window.

There's my thrifting copper colander (I love having the ripening pears and avocados in it) and glass crock filled with
King Leo soft peppermints
A little of Grandma Pearl's silver service, a red bird votive from my last trip to Utah and Tai Pan Trading . . . oh it's probably good there is not a Tai Pan in AZ. I'm really enjoying using, displaying, enjoying Grandma's silver. Since I don't serve tea or coffee I thought I'd never use her service but now a little here and there in decorating has been very gratifying (not to mention the hunt for thrifting silver fun).

The thrifting silver deer candle holder, silver butter dish and silver sugar and creamers in the cake stand (all thrifting finds over that pass couple of months) and then the cute little vintage trees I have admired but not purchased until yesterday when I found a large package of them at Big Lots. Silly me even bought a red onion to add to the white onion there so it would look better in the tiered bowls. Come on, I bet you've done something like that and besides, I'll use it and enjoy it.
Did you notice the sheet over my little lemon tree outside the window. I'm trying so hard to not let last years frost damage be a repeat this year. It's coming off this a.m.

You are so kind not to mention that the windows really need a washing. Next week. Really. Maybe more rain on Tuesday and Wednesday so holding off.

Well dear family and friends, can't spend anymore time with you . . . you know, I have just a tad bit of catch-up to play today. Know that's I'm sending you my love and Christmas wishes for


as Dori taught me: Put
Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last.

I know teachings today are so centered on self and I do believe we have to take care of ourselves in order to be of any good to anyone else but I so love this
order and balance of JOY.

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