Thursday, November 3, 2011

On The Hunt

Let me tell you how much I love dressers as nightstands.
Very much!
That's how much.

I not only love the look but
just how practical it is for storage.
For someone like me who has a very hard time
parting with "stuff"
storage is really, really good.

I am working on parting with stuff . . .
just to let you know.

But this week I also brought home a few bags from Goodwill.
You know Tuesday is Senior Day and
if I have to be this old
I'm taking every advantage!
I did just bring home
the good stuff.
I'll share more later.

These photos are from the blog Nine & Sixteen.
I love to be inspired in my decorating by blogs and Pinterest.
Now the hunt for a frugal dresser.

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