Friday, October 28, 2011

Never too many

I've got to hustle outside and finish the flower planting. I was doing it into the dark last night and had to turn on the patio lights to see. I was thinking I purchased too many flowers but then . . . nah, never too many flowers OR Christmas ornaments.

The above picture is of a chair I was rather fond of and just thought I'd share it with you for some visual.

Wish you a . . .

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Bob & Marilee Neff said...

I whole heartedly agree--never too many flowers. I do believe I'll be cleaning off all my flower beds next week, just as you are planting. Had a pretty hard frost last night. Enjoy!!! (that chair is really cute...)
Have a lovely day,

Julie Harward said...

Happy flower planting, love the chair too. We are moving right into winter, can't imagine planting flowers! ;D

Teresa said...

Love the chair too....and I agree never too many will be a day in the garden for me...getting my roses ready for winter.


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