Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CousinFest 2011

Just back from CousinFest 2011.
Dear cousin Steve M. that couldn't make it named it that and I love the title.
We were again at Skippie and Garry's lake house at Three Rivers (Lake Billy Chinook) in central Oregon. We had wild fires that added to the excitement and here is the view from Skippie's deck.

This is my photo from last year. That's Mt. Jefferson in background.
Wow, you really get a feel. This fire in on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. There are evacuations of homes and the highway we drove out on is now closed for 17 miles so we got out just in time.

7 of the 10 Geiss cousins were in attendance and it was choice! I loved, loved hearing stories and memories of the oldest cousins that were new for me. I've been trusted with cherished family photos and will make copies before returning so kids let me know what you may or may not want.
I can't get enough of my family!!

I hope you'll consider taking the time to record your memories and info for you kiddos and any future generations that come along. . . photos too.

Wishing you love and a happy day.
Happy day, msk

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