Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nauvoo II

Monument to Women Gardens
This beautiful garden is adjacent to the Historic Nauvoo Visitors Center
This was early on our first morning there and the songbirds were singing and it was so lovely. The only activity was from the "seasonal missionaries" who were busy planting and tidying.

Manicured grounds and flowers everywhere. You know how much I love flowers!
I loved and appreciated all the work/service that was rendered to make this possible.

We "stumbled" onto this outdoor stage production by accident our first evening there (we got into town late). All the participants in Historic Nauvoo were in period costume (accept the gardening/seasonal missionaries). This group of performers contained both the 18 month senior missionaries and the youth summer missionaries. This was such a fun production with dancing, banter and music.

Friend Kay L. who is serving from our stake (4 months into her and husbands 18 months) is in the back row, right side in blue. It was fun to reach them and have a surprise visit.
I was thrilled by all your comments on the last Nauvoo post and thank you. So many of you have also traveled there and fallen in love with it too. Thanks, Sally from Idaho, Teresa and Julie for sharing your comments from your trips there with me.

Happy day, msk


Cindy said...

Loved all your pictures, the sculptures were beautiful!!! The picture of you was great too, have I seen that skirt??? Loved it!
XXX Cindy7

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Good Morning, Beautiful post...thanks for a nice start to the day....In the first photo at the stage, I see Elder and Sister Parker...(second and third from the right, front row) serving from the Snowflake Stake...sooooo funnnn.

Julie Harward said...

Ahh, love it! Wish I was there right now. I love that area with all these lovely statues. Keep sharing...(My Nauvoo posts, my sidebar, the index right after Archive,click in the index..posts on all kinds of on.. will take you to my Nauvoo posts.)

sylvia said...

I grew up living only a few hours away from Nauvoo, so we went there for the pageant almost every summer when I was a teen. I love historic Nauvoo.


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