Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Continues - Monday, Tuesday . . .

. . . or A2K Don't Hate Me!
Look at these darling grands. We made a little trip to Wally's for a few groceries and an extra swim trunk per boy. These guys really, REALLY wanted Green Lantern trunks! I told them their mom might die if we got those. H told me she wouldn't really die . . . just not want to look at them. I ask -
. . . and new ball caps. I doubt that the Batman cap will be a parent favorite . . . but I sure have happy grands.
This is an early morning pic - lasted a couple minutes and no more float time - they're just too busy playing.

The outdoor table is full of snacks, ball mitts, swim goggles, thermostat and sunscreen.

Did you know we are in a
The grands really like keeping track of our temps and reporting them to me.
Of course the thermometer is always in the shade!

Over to family's to celebrate Morgans "13"th birthday. We thought it was funny that Mark put the candles on backwards since last week was Morgan's birthday and he celebrated it at Boy Scout camp. Happy birthday, again, dear Morgan. We love you.

There's a whole lotta swimmin' goin' on around here. We usually swim 3 time a day but Tuesday it was 4.

The longest part of each day is when I've slathered on the sunscreen and following directions make them wait 15 minutes before going in the pool. Here they are waiting and decorating cups with permanent makers and the 15 minutes seemed all too long.

Here's another "waiting" time and the grands played catch and badminton.

Morgan "the platform" for diving Tessa.

It won't surprise you that this grammy took just a little time, once, to name a couple of fragrant flowers and have the grands smell them. They were either impressed and liked them or just very nice, kind and convincing. This is the Skippy gardenia and it's in it's 3rd bloom phase. What a joy.

Yet another trip to Wally's (to get ice cream for the Primary Inservice mtg. at our home last night) and a fun encounter with Sargent Williams who made my escort/protective/grands as we left Jr. Patrolmen. It really was a fun, smile producing time.
And I would be amiss if I didn't mention was terrific helpers the grands are loading purchases at at store, into the car and then hauling into the house. Made me remember their great dad and his brothers that I so miss (okay, you too girls!!!).

I'll try to post tonight the happenings of today. Hint: SLK has 3 grandboys to an afternoon Diamondbacks ball game!
Happy day, msk


Rachel said...

You are a great Grammy!!! How lucky they are:)

Jody said...

Wow!!! I could almost smell the gardenia flower! Lucky boys to have such a fun grammy! love and hugs

MarySue said...

Rachel-how thoughtful of you to visit and comment. I can't find your blog that I visited in the past. Hope you find my thanks here.
Jody-wish I could share that fragrance with you!

go boo boo said...

You know me so well!!!! Those trunks are awful...BUT I can see how happy it makes them so I am so grateful that you can do so many fun things for them and I can tell they are so happy and well loved. They are indeed so lucky to have such a fun grandma! Thank you!!!


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