Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Garden . . .

. . . so-to-speak.

Here's the little vegetable garden. Left, Better Boy tomato.
Center, zucchini.
Right, 3 Sweet 100's tomatoes

I'm working on the end of the covered patio. The add-on is newly painted as is the lattice. I've been looking for Star Jasmine and Kathy found them for me just in the neighborhood at H.D. I have to both softened the earth with water to be able to dig deep enough holes for planting but also bring in the wheel barrow and shovel to level out this area. Won't this smell heavenly! I've so missed that fragrance after the last Star Jasmine died a year ago.

Here's my delightfully silly mistake. I planted this pot with seeds and then kept telling people why in the world did I think I needed an entire pot of mint. When Cindy came I told her the same story. She looked at the pot, looked at me and gently told me it was basil. Now I'm glad to have been wrong and love and use this pot of delicious basil.

A complete comeback of the Cape Plumbago.
Gorgeous bluish/lavender colored blooms to delight.
You may notice the Sun Rose peeking from behind.

This morning I sadly pulled out the primroses that were beautiful this spring but hadn't bloomed for several weeks due to the heat. I've replaced them with coleus. I just bought a small 6 pack but I know they will fill in. I love the colors of coleus. Now as I look at this photo I notice this pot is rather rough looking and may also need replacing.

The dwarf oleander is beginning to bloom in the front yard.
I wish I would have gotten them trimmed first but didn't.

Alas, I don't get to say alas much, all the cheery African daisies have gone-to-seed. I've harvested much and have a few little baggies of seed. I'll share!

I thought I'd get it all pulled up this week but the garbage can was filled first with other clippings/trimmings so no room and I'll get it done hopefully Saturday.

I also hilled the potatoes but think I need more "hill". I'm use to growing potatoes in Oregon and SLK hilling them with the big roto-tiller with "wings" attached to do the job. I'll see just how this first time in the desert growing potatoes works and report later.

Wishing you a blooming where you're planted day.
Happy day, msk


Cindy said...

Wow, your garden looks fabulous. I can't believe how much everything has grown since I left. The tomatoes look great!!! Thank you for including the plumbago picture, I "needed" to see that. Cold and SOGGY here, Spring is still a long way off. Hugs, C.

Christie K said...

Looks great!! Can't wait till its time to put in mine!!

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Wonderful!!! Bob is going to try growing potatoes in some boxes this year...Photos on our blog..We have the seed potatoes cut a drying now, although we are looking at a very cool weekend here in the mountains, we may wait just a few days before planting. Fresh wishes..

Julie Harward said...

Gardening like this is fun. We used to have such a huge garden and I got so tired of bottling all summer. I wouldn't mind it like this and I think pots are a great way to do it too. :D

Trevlyn said...

Glad to get the personal tour today! It's all so impressive! Even your basil! :)

Jody said...

Do you think you could get a stem cutting of your plumbago rooted for me. I miss mine so badly. As far as my garden goes my ruhbarb is doing great! Hugs

Teresa said...

Your garden looks great....way ahead of mine! Fun to see it.


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