Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cousin Fun and Laughter

Oh dear, I loaded the photos in reverse order. Oh well. Here we go.

Don't you think it's rather strange that I'd be posting a photo of a you-know-what? After a fun and delicious dinner at Bucca di Beppo SLK announced we just had to check out the interesting restrooms. Never have I encountered a framed ladies under garment before so just thought I'd have to photograph it for you to also get a chuckle over.

My attempt at being clever and catching both Skippie and me in a bathroom photo.

L to R: Bob, Jan, Garry, Skippie and SLK. We talked the night away and shared much including food and memories of our beloved mothers who were sisters and extended family. If you weren't there we were probably talking about you too. ;)

Cousin Bob and Jan came all the way from Oregon for a little fun, sun, family and spring training baseball games. What a winning combination.

Below: Bob and me. Bob is that trim and I of course am much thinner than the photo shows. Arrgh. We posed by my little container lemon trees as that is rather a novelty to a native Oregonian.
My heart is so filled with joy and love for you dear cousins. What a heritage we share.

Happy day, msk

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ane We had such a great time!!!!!
Wish all the "cousins" and spouses had been there. Maybe next winter.
Love, Skippie


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