Friday, February 18, 2011

New Windows

13 windows and 1 "Arcadia door" (that's what we Arizona old-timers call "sliding glass doors") all replaced yesterday. We are thrilled. They look great, the crew was outstanding and now begins the putting back stage.

Here is the center section of the bay window in the kitchen coming out.

It was so fun having all the windows out. What a unique view we had...very clear and we were blessed with a mild and beautiful day full of sunshine and bird music (I know I said that yesterday).

Here is the installed window all cleaned and scrubbed and all the goodies put back. I guess I call this the "after".

After I took the picture above I zoomed out so you could see my dead, frost destroyed plants and my neighbors fruitful citrus. Occasionally a piece of that fruit will drop into my yard and I just eat it with joy.

Another after photo. I'll share more later. Now I have to get to work. You see, I'm not just putting everything back but doing a big sorting and clearing out. Then I think I'll follow with some bedroom painting. I'm talking a really big job since I have a tendency to put off and save way too much.
When I look out this window today I've seen the clouds roll in and we are expecting temps to dip into the 60's and 80% chance of showers Saturday. That's okay also; I don't get enough chance to wear a sweater.

Wishing you find your joy regardless of your weather.
Happy day, msk


Dori Knight said...

Can't wait to come home and see them!!!!!!!

Angela said...

O, those citrus-laden trees! I'm jealouse of your view (and new windows!)

the conleys said...

they look great!!

and CANNOT WAIT to see new paint in the bedroom!!


sylvia said...

That's funny that you had to put on a sweater when it was 60 degrees. We were putting on short sleeve shirts and loving how warm it was when we had a 56 degree day here. I'm missing Arizona right about now...our snow just won't go away!


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