Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Ya

This is my mouse-pad, on my desk. It's a calendar mouse-pad.
Last week I was crawling under my desk to plug in my phone charger. Since we have no land line I find it a nuisance to have my cell phone charging upstairs (I live in a tri-level) and often missing calls. That's why I was crawling know that part.

While under...I noticed a single, milk chocolate chip. I knew just who the culprit was too.

You see, I have been more than a tad bit out-of-control with my eating/snacking during the holidays and on and on and on.

Most people look at a bag of chocolate chips and think "bake cookies".

I look at said bag and think "snack".

Well, I am a reformed woman. Today is my 10th day sugar-free.

Hummmm, should I have started this reformation after Valentines????

Well, no going back. I am determined.

And as you can see I'm keeping that same little morsel of chocolate goodness on my desk. I'm showing myself just how much will power I have. I will conquer.

Should I mention that when I took chocolates over to the local grands and Jake popped a milk chocolate caramel in his mouth I asked him to come breathe in my face.
Yes, I really did that.
Did I just gross you out ;)

Happy Valentine's Day dear ones

Happy day, msk


the conleys said...

love it :)

and I wish I was there to see Jake breathe in your face! haha


kms said...

Such self control!
Do you eat peanut butter with said bag of chocolate chips?

MarySue said...

kms-No, straight chocolate chips, milk preferably. Thanks for the comments ladies. Soooo appreciated.

Amber said...

HA! You make me laugh cause I do the same thing! I make Ben breathe in my face when he eats candy too!! :-) It almost makes up for it!

You're a strong woman. Good luck!!

Julie Harward said...

That was funny...I thought I was the only one who snacked on chocolate chips! ;D


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