Sunday, January 30, 2011

I determined this year I would not do a blog of photos on my offspring's birthdays.
What if my computer didn't work and I couldn't post for each of them.
I am running out of fun, old photos.
Yes, I decided I would not do it anymore.

Let's see how I do this year.


From boy to man it's been a grand time.

My 3rd boy now has 3 boys of his own PLUS 2 darling girls. Hold on, the 3rd's photo is coming.
Shout-out to Sylvia for some of these great photos!!!

Fun days of youth and Mammbo sock hats. Sorry if I butchered that spelling.

Friends from youth. Friends in adulthood. Friends forever. Do you see yourself?

Dancing with my boy in 1997. We would do the polka from the living room, through the dining room into the kitchen. I would sing Shall We Dance from The King and I.

With his great family...there's that 3rd boy as a newborn...he's just turned 1!

I was there last year for his 34th. Isn't it terrific making a big deal for the ones we love!!!

3 back to you sweet grands.

I caught this photo last year. When new (again) mom Christie was pooped, Jesse stayed up with new babe Beckett who still didn't have his day's and nights straight. What a dad!!!

I'm sure Asher would agree that his daddy's lap is a great place.

Some think he looks like SLK but I know who he looks like. Jesse looks like my maternal grandfather that never had a son....just skipped a couple of generations. Love our eternal family ties.

This boy-man is in his 4th year of a 5 year ENT medical residency. He has no time. No sleep. This next year plus can't go too fast...especially for Christie and kiddos.
Happy day, msk


Jody said...

That was the best post. I just couldn't get enough of the Chuck a Buck! Nothing like being a Mom with kids - Hugs

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Jesse. Just be glad no naked pictures from YM outings made it on the blog. Ha!

MarySue said...

I'm assuming the Steve above is Steve Watson...not Jesse's dad.

the conleys said...

love these photos!!! what a great blog and a great brother... love him so much. hope it was a great birthday!!

Emily said...

I had meant to comment on this. Fun to see all the photos. We love Jesse!


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