Friday, December 17, 2010

I don't think I've ever been this late in decorating our house for Christmas. There's been a tad bit of frustration...okay, if you got the phone message about the mantle garland...a lot of frustration.

The tree is just awaiting SLK's long arm to put the angel on top and then I'll declare "it's done".
My dear friend Alicann called our Christmas tree a MEMORY TREE.
Well titled since so very many of the ornaments come with dear memories.
Heartfelt thanks to you who have contributed.

Year after year I'm sure I don't have room for one more ornament. Yes, there are a few new ones for Christmas 2010. One is a goldie/bronze bumble bee from THE BARN OWL NURSERY in Oregon. What fun we had there this past summer.
Look at just the tip of the iceberg at TAI PAN TRADING ornaments I passed up. Now I wish I had just a box of ORANGE and a box of TEAL.

And what is this ornament doing upside down in the creamer you ask...what else should she do while her tail is being glued back in place.

All's well and she's happily on the tree as I type and you read. She's so much prettier in person all jeweled and glistening.

Here's the Jody created angel awaiting a hand-up. I hope Jody has a glimpse into heaven and I have hope of big hair and makeup ( and hope of making it to HEAVEN).
Wish we could spend time together during the Christmas holidays. Yes, I mean you.

Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

Hi there, your tree is beautiful, full of cuteness. I have missed you! ;D

the conleys said...

I love the tree... always gorgeous. And I miss seeing Jody's angel :) Love and miss you.

sylvia said...

I love trees like yours. they are son fun to look at and hear the stories behind each ornament.


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